KODAK 3.0KW Solar Hybrid Inverter


All NEW KODAK Intelligent Hybrid PV Inverter


Off-grid backup function

Export Control

UPS function

Intelligent EMS function

Integrated BMS

Smart battery SOC detection – Compatible with various 48V batteries such asĀ Pylontech

Multiple protection functions

CAN, RS485, WiFi/LAN/GRPS (Optional)

5 years product warranty

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Hybrid inverters are very similar to standard, grid-tied inverters. These products, however, are fitted with a back-up battery system. Hybrid products simultaneously manage input from the panels and a battery bank, charging the batteries with energy from the modules or the grid. Any surplus energy can be stored in the battery cells for later use.

The hybrid inverters can:

  • Rely on solar power alone
  • Supplement mains power if demand is higher than the energy generated by the panels
  • Charge the batteries if the power from the panels exceeds that of the load
  • Distribute power back to the grid if the batteries are fully charged

Additional information

Weight 20.6 kg


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